A Step-by-step Golf Swing Tutorial

Playing golf involves ecstasy and suffering. You will feel the agony in your first game, but once you master the sport, you will be able to enjoy the whole match. Before playing in a real match, you need to learn first the perfect way in hitting the golf ball. Novices cannot easily figure out the strategy in making the perfect golf swing. You need to try many times in order to master the basics. Here is a step-by-step guide in mastering the golf swing.

Step 1: Master the correct posture while holding the golf clubs.

Discount golf clubs• Place your foot slightly in front of the golf ball.In this way, you are allowing the club to rest at the center of your body. The gap between your feet must be slightly broader than your shoulders. A right-handed golf should position his foot closer to the hole for about the same size of his foot or less. For a right-handed golfer, do the same thing with the right foot.

• Stand close enough so that you can hit the ball with your arms stretched.

• Align your feet and shoulders.

• Knee-bend slightly. This will look like an “athletic posture”. It is easier to hit the ball when you bend your knees a little. Your weight must be balanced along the balls of your feet.

Step 2: Practice different types of grip to your golf clubs.

• Choose your desired gripping style and hold the handle. Be sure that you are relaxed. You can easily swing the club when you are relaxed. Thus, it can result in an accurate and longer shot.

• Execute the baseball-style of grip. The other three types of grips (for a right-handed person) are the following:

1. Put your left hand under the golf club. Hold the club with your fingers secured. Your left thumb must be pointed towards the club head.

2. Put your right hand under the club, allowing your right pinky to touch the left index.

3. Make a stiff grip to control the club effectively. The right part of the palm must rest on the left thumb.

• Practice the overlap-style of grip.

In this type of grip, you need to connect your fingers and overlap them. This type of grip is more stable than the baseball grip. Execute the baseball grip and put your right pinky finger a little bit higher. Let it rest on the joint in between of the left middle finger and left index finger.

• Switch to the interlocking grip. This is the most stable grip you can do. You only need to interlock the fingers by putting the left index in between of the right pinky and ring finger. You must also put the right pinky finger in between of the left middle finger and left index finger.

• Decide for the most comfortable grip for you.

Step 3: Practice swinging the golf club.

• Backswing

You must lift the club from the your body position to the space above your head. You can rotate your torso while doing the backswing.

• Downswing

From the space over your head, bring the club down by dragging it downward at 90 degrees. You must create a great impact to hit the ball farther.

• Ensure that the shaft is heading to your target spot. Use your hips to bring a strong energy for every shot.

Step 4: Correct your mistakes.

• You can determine your common mistakes after a few tries. Some golfers have a hard time controlling the angle of their shots. It takes a lot of practice to master this.

• Sometimes, an incorrect posture leads to incorrect and failed shots.

• Try to hit the ball squarely. Practice making the right impact.

• Determine the exact part where to hit the ball to achieve an effective shot.

• Practice using your own golf clubs.

It would be difficult to master using your golf clubs, but if you are really determined and passionate, you can surpass the challenges and be able to enjoy your craft.

Choose your desired gripping style and hold the handle of Discount golf clubs.

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